8 Key Insights on FDI from Global CEOs
an Analysis of the 2019 A.T. Kearney FDI Confidence Index

A.T. Kearney recently released their 2019 Annual FDI Confidence Index. This wide-ranging survey of company executives worldwide gives a good indication of how companies and their leaders feel about investing in markets around the world. One of the most striking outcomes of the study, as acknowledged by the authors, is the seeming mixed messages throughout. [...]

Tradeshow Calendar Summer 2019

The PDF version of the Tradeshow Calendar is available for download, click here.

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Resilience in Economic Development

The concept of resilience has long been understood in a human context as an ability to bounce back; to withstand and adapt to changing conditions.  In a scientific context, resilience refers to elasticity or the capacity to spring back into shape following the application of external forces. The idea of being able to withstand and [...]

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The Power of Storytelling for Investment Attraction

Business and communication expert Seth Godin is not alone when he says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories that you tell.” The idea that marketing through storytelling offers the best opportunity for a brand to stand out from the crowd is not new. Increasingly, storytelling is becoming an [...]

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2019 Drone Industry Trends and Companies to watch

Drones are now gaining popularity for consumer, commercial, and civil government use. More affordable and sophisticated than ever before, they present many applications across industries, such as construction, cinematography, agriculture, and firefighting. A December 2017 McKinsey & Company study illustrates the dramatic commercial growth of the U.S. drone industry, from a mere $40 million in [...]

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The Best Countries for Business

Top movers and shakers of the latest Forbes Best Countries for Business Top upward movers: Hong Kong moved up 4 spots from 6 to 2 and Taiwan moved up to 12 from 16 Biggest losers: US single biggest mover from 12 to 17 Austria from 14 to 18 Notable economies not in Top 10: India, China and [...]

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Site Selection: are you being noticed?

Regions always want to be in the running for new projects but what can an EDO do to ensure they are on the radar? How can they be noticed by site selectors to make sure their regions aren’t being passed over? We recently conducted an in-depth survey, targeting industry leaders, from boutique advisory firms to [...]

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Labor Force Growth % By Country

  The above graphic tracks OECD labor force growth data per selected countries, when averaged from 2012-2017. While the overall trend is positive, there are some laggards, and some that are stagnating. The overall labor force is defined as the total population that is either employed, or unemployed and seeking employment. The Iberian peninsula continues [...]

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Canadian Startup Ecosystem

For this week’s blog post I wanted to discuss the value of targeting fast-growing start-ups. As we have mentioned in a previous blog post, while start-up companies account for only 3% of overall employment in the US, they represent nearly 20% of new job growth. I decided to reach out to a former ROI teammate, [...]

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Brexit Stage Left

I’ve surprised myself with how long I’ve managed to avoid writing a blog about Brexit. As the drama rages on there seems to be less certainty around the outcome of the negotiations now than there was 6 months ago. The impact of the UK’s exit will be felt, is already being felt in the world [...]

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