Politics and Economic Development

Quebec recently went to the polls for its provincial elections. The result will likely not have much of an impact or draw much press outside of the province. Perhaps the most interesting aspect will be the resemblance of one of the party leaders to Lucius Malfoy

While the […]

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The Economic Development Marathon

The Rock’n’Roll Marathon series rolls (and rocks) into Montreal this weekend. For many of the city’s runners, it is the culmination of a spring and summer of training, and the last big event before winter kicks in. Should be fun despite the inevitability of many city dwellers bemoaning city-wide road […]

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It’s Complicated: The Future of Automation and Our Workforce

Happy Labor Day week from ROI! We want to express our appreciation to all our valued clients by sharing some helpful and educational content. We hope you find it valuable.

Labor Day is recognized as a public holiday across North America (equivalent to May Day across much of Europe. Although, the […]

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