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You want qualified leads that stand a real chance of benefiting your community. We help you move from a long list of potential companies to a short list of highly viable and validated leads: companies that are expanding. Companies that are a good fit for your region. Companies that are early enough in the process that they are open to influence their decision-making.

Because modern economic development requires intelligent leads.

Our Approach

We combine cutting-edge technology with big data and talented people to identify and target companies primed for expansion. ROI Research on Investment’s highly viable and validated leads are extracted from a pool of millions of potential companies, down to a short list of targets that meet your criteria.

Our intelligent leads are based on:

  • Trends: companies that are expanding, and industries that are growing.
  • Compatibility: companies that are a good fit for your region.
  • Timing: companies that are evaluating their options and open to influence.

What We Offer


Big Data

Our business intelligence team builds high-quality prospect lists that point to specific sub-sectors and companies primed for growth and that are a good fit for your region. We do this using our proprietary database, predictive technology and algorithms, and fully customized CRM solutions.


Growth and Expansion Signals

ROI Research on Investment gathers and analyze data that plots out international value chains, and we use technologies that allow us to flag companies as they change their product mix, office locations, senior executives and staff recruitment patterns.

We also incorporate big data related to export flows, historical foreign direct investment and corporate expansion patterns. We partner with the most powerful economics data provider to identify high-growth sectors and their locations, and we marry this data to specific companies in regions that out-perform industry-wide growth averages.


Cutting-edge technology

ROI Research on Investment offers machine-learning algorithms that evaluate each company’s growth potential, and from which our prospect lists are built.


Knowledge & Experience

Our certified team is made up of experts in modern economic development for a changing world. Our people make your economic development goals their mission. They will find, contact and develop relationships on your behalf with the key decision-makers responsible for corporate expansion, and schedule meetings so that you can build a relationship with the companies they run.

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Our intelligent leads can be at the foundation of your next investment success.

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