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Digital Advertising for EDOs

With this resource, we showcase the immense potential of LinkedIn’s digital advertising to turbocharge your EDO’s growth. Learn how to leverage this platform’s unmatched targeting capabilities and transform your Economic Development operations!

See what’s inside

Dive into our insightful guide and learn how to:

  • Leverage LinkedIn’s unmatched targeting capabilities to reach your key sectors
  • Transform your econ dev operation into a high-performance engine, leaving competitors in the dust
  • Nurture leads, build relationships, and secure deals with ease through strategic digital advertising
  • And much more!

About ROI

ROI Research on Investment is an award-winning global authority on investment attraction for economic development organizations. Since 2003, ROI has worked with over 400 EDOs globally, servicing the needs of utilities, large metropolitan areas, rural jurisdictions, states and national-level entities and targeting all major industries.