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As outlined by the United Nations Conference On Trade And Development (UNCTAD) in its 2014 World Investment Report, following recent downward trends in FDI flows since the 2008 economic crisis, we’ve started seeing an increase in global FDI inflows.

We broke down the numbers to identify the regions and economies responsible for the more positive results and illustrated them in the infographic below.

TOP 10 Ranking
Highest Growth Economies for FDI inflows (2012-2013)

1) Italy 17,651%
2) Luxembourg 216%
3) Serbia 183%
4) Austria 181%
5) Netherlands 151%
6) Venezuela 119%
7) Mexico 117%
8) Germany 102%
9) South Africa 80%
10) Bolivia 65%

(Note: Growth measured from 2012 to 2013 FDI inflows.
This list is restricted to countries totaling more than $1b in Foreign Direct Investment inflows according to the 2014 UNCTAD report)

Key Insights
1) World FDI inflows grew by 9%
2) The “New World” had the highest growth with North America growing by 23% (+$46.3B) and Latin America growing by 14% (+$35.2B)
3) Oceania had the poorest performance and saw a 12% (-$7.5B) decrease in FDI.
4) 7 European countries dominate the TOP 10 fast-growing FDI list.
5) No Asian countries are among the TOP 10 fast-growing FDI list.




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