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Webinar: The Impact of Automation on Workforce and Investment Attraction

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In this webinar, we’ll explore how automation has led to a decreased emphasis on low cost labor on the factory floor and the associated opportunities for economic development professionals. We’ll also talk about the tactics being deployed in Green Bay, WI to prepare their existing businesses and workforce for these changes. What you’ll learn:

  • How automation is changing manufacturing
  • How workforce automation is impacting FDI and global trade
  • How this affects workforce requirements
  • How you can benefit and prepare your region

Meet the Speakers

Paul Brogan, VP Client Services. Paul joined the ROI team in 2009 and is a recognized thought leader in the field of lead generation and investment attraction for economic development organizations. Having led the strategic development and execution of over 200 global lead generation campaigns, Paul is an expert in target market development, outreach strategies, inbound marketing and lead nurturing. Paul is a highly sought after speaker and writes a regular blog on how FDI is affected by geopolitics, macroeconomics and industry trends.

Kelly Armstrong, VP Economic Development. Since joining the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s economic development arm in fall 2018, she has driven the efforts of the seven task forces and 11 initiatives executing the Greater Green Bay Economic Development Plan. In addition, she has steered the repositioning and rebranding of the Startup Hub, the front door to Greater Green Bay’s entrepreneurial resources. Armstrong has more than 15 years’ experience in economic development.

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