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  • Overview of ROI
  • What is AI?
  • Impact of AI on Industry
  • How is all of this impacting Globalization
  • How can EDOs harness/benefit from this?


1. AI increases productivity through minimizing defects. The increase in automation is pushing companies away from focusing on cheap labor to quality labor. 2. There is a need to react fast to the market’s needs, meaning if you are selling the US, you should be producing there, as opposed to shipping from China, etc 3. How can EDOs harness/benefit from this?

    • Support the development of AI in the region
    • However, not everyone is going to be an AI developer. Most people will need to adapt to learn to work with machines. So there is a need to invest in STEM.
    • Important to promote AI use in the region through smart city technologies, and publicizing it to your local industry so they can see the benefits.
    • EDO can use AI for their lead generation efforts through tools like


Paul Brogan is our Vice President, Client Services at ROI. He has joined the team in 2009 as a Research Analyst, carrying out targeted outreach and identifying leads for ROI’s clients. He was quickly promoted to the position of Team Leader where he managed a portfolio of economic development and private sector clients and a team of Associates. Most recently, Paul has been responsible for leading the ROI research team, including its Directors of Client Services, and managing overall client success. Paul has directly managed over 200 lead generation campaigns on behalf of clients in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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