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Based on the 2015 FDI Confidence Index issued by A.T. Kearney, ROI Research On Investment has prepared this infographic illustrating information about investors’ views regarding their perceptions on FDI. The data comes from a survey administered to senior executives of the world’s leading corporations representing 27 countries and span all sectors. Discover valuable insights, major trends, and how business leaders regard the economic outlook for the coming 3 years. Top 10 Most Attractive Countries for FDI 1. United States 2. China 3. United Kingdom 4. Canada 5. Germany 6. Brazil 7. Japan 8. France 9. Mexico 10. Australia Optimism About Regional Economies Compared to a year ago, how has your view of the regional economies changed?1. Americas: 51% more optimistic 2. Asia Pacific: 42% more optimistic 3. Europe: 36% more optimistic 4. Middle East and North Africa: 19% more optimistic 5. Sub-Saharan Africa: 24% more optimistic Decisive Factors When Choosing An FDI Destination 1. Market size 25% 2. Transparency of government regulations and lack of corruption 22% 3. Tax rates and ease of tax payment 22% 4. General security environment 21% 5. Cost of labor 20% Main Investors’ Concerns for the Next Year 1. Increase in geopolitical tensions 2. Political instability in an emerging market 3. Economic crisis in an emerging market 4. Economic crisis in a developed market Technological Opportunities and Challenges 1. Big data and predictive analytics 31% 2. Mobile technology 31% 3. Cloud computing 28% 4. Cybersecurity technology 26% 5. Nanotechnology 25%

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