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This new infographic on US entrepreneurship breaks down startup activity at the State level as per the Kauffman Index. In the first part of this series we explored national entrepreneurship figures and demographic trends. In this second part we take a closer look at the individual States that helped lift the national startup index to a 5-year high. Montana led the pack in terms of national rankings while South Carolina saw the highest year over year increase, jumping 17 positions from last year. California had the steepest decline, falling 9 spots since last year. About the Kauffman Index: The start-up activity index is a measurement of entrepreneurship in the United States. According to the Kauffman Foundation, “the index captures all types of business activity and is based on nationally representative sample sizes of more than a half million observations each year or administrative data covering the universe of employer business entities.” The three component measures of the Startup Activity Index are:

  • The Rate of New Entrepreneurs: The percentage of adults becoming entrepreneurs in a given month.
  • The Opportunity Share of New Entrepreneurs: The percentage of new entrepreneurs driven primarily by “opportunity” vs. “necessity.”
  • The Start-up Density: The number of new employer businesses normalized by population.

Discover how the U.S. entrepreneurial ecosystem performs at the state level in this new ROI Research On Investment generated infographic:

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