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Europe is a very diverse region in economic terms and this diversity is evident in the location and make-up of high-growth companies. Given that the bulk of job creation, investment and FDI come from fast-growing companies, we have created the following infographic, mapping Europe’s high-growth companies by industry and host country (as per Inc.’s 2014 Europe 5000 list).

1. Ranking of Europe’s fast-growth companies by country
1) France
2) Italy
3) Sweden
4) Romania
5) Norway

3. Top 5 high-growth companies
1) Sweeden Mobilephones Accessories Kommanditbolag
2) Widespace
3) Gali Group
4) Toil S.P.A.
5) UAB Agrosfera

2. Industries across Europe with the most high-growth companies
1) Energy
2) Telecommunications
3) Insurance
4) Real Estate
5) Environemental Services

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