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Webinar: What’s Next for Economic Development?


Webinar: What’s Next for Economic Development?

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What’s Next for Economic Development? Paul Brogan, Vice President Client Services at ROI Research On Investment, and Akofa Dossou, Director of Economic Research at Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, […]

Webinar: The Impact of Automation on Investment Attraction

Webinar: The Impact of Automation on Workforce and Investment Attraction

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In this webinar, we’ll explore how automation has led to a decreased emphasis on low cost labor on the […]

SoftBank’s Influence on FDI

SoftBank’s Vision Fund is transforming technology investment and growth around the world. Check out this infographic to see a breakdown of their investments and our take on the impact they are having.

The Impact of Automation on Global FDI

After the 2008 financial crisis there was a significant decrease in global trade of manufactured goods.

Your EDO and Artificial Intelligence

What does the spread of AI mean to your EDO? Regions that invest in STEM and promote the use of AI through smart city technologies will be ahead of the game.

Tradeshows Calendar – June to August 2019


Planning on attending tradeshows this summer? Download our list of tradshows for June-August 2019 that are aimed for economic developers.

The Best Countries for Business


Discover the Top 30 Best Countries for Business in 2019. Find out who moved up in standings, who had the biggest falls in position, and what notable economies didn’t perform as expected.

2019 Drone Industry Trends and Companies to Watch


Drones are now gaining popularity for consumer, commercial, and civil government use. By 2026 commercial drones will have an annual impact of $31 billion to $46 billion in the US alone.

Site Selection: Are You Being Noticed?


We recently conducted an in-depth survey, targeting industry leaders to find out what an EDO can do to ensure they are on the radar for site selection.

Labor Force Growth % by Country


We produced an infographic that tracks OECD labor force growth data per selected countries when averaged from 2012-2017 data.