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Business Retention & Expansion

Our eyes and ears
are always open

Your community benefits when established businesses grow or expand locally. Our data monitors companies in your backyard that are expanding, so that you can not only keep those businesses in town, you can help them thrive. In addition, the insight gathered from BR&E initiatives is of great value in ensuring needs are being met and raising awareness of existing support programs.

Attracting new investment is important. So is retaining and expanding existing businesses in your region.

We identify companies that are expanding or relocating, and arm you with the information you need to encourage them to do so in your region. We also identify companies that are at risk of downsizing, so that you not only keep those businesses in town, but also understand what it takes to encourage them to expand locally.

Type of Programs

Business Retention and Expansion survey

Corporate expansion and relocation information: current lease hold, costs, relocation or expansion project details – date, requirements.

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