You need to focus your efforts on the markets that matter, and you need to know them inside and out.

We’ve conducted cluster and market opportunity assessments of multiple industries, including: aerospace, automotive, cloud computing, electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

You need a keen understanding of both your current and potential markets. We offer market research and cluster analysis that takes into account both short and long-term trends, as well as regional and global influences that may impact your plans and those of your target industries/companies. Our market research is intelligent enough to fit your objectives and requirements, and includes the following:

  • FDI flows
  • Understanding the supply chain (Key buying and selling industries)
  • Industry performance (Key external drivers, current performance)
  • Industry trends, outlook and lifecycle
  • Demand determinants
  • Major markets
  • International trade
  • Business locations (Key clusters)
  • Competitive landscape (Barriers to entry and impact of globalization)
  • Company reports for key players
  • Operating conditions and their impact


What makes us different:

Type of Programs

  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Industry cluster analysis
  • Market Research to identify key trends in FDI
  • Market Research to scope key industry sectors and sub-sectors
  • In-depth company reports

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