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FDI Training

Take your expertise
to another level

You’re looking to attract investment in order to promote economic development for your region. But how? We offer one the most comprehensive, tried-and-tested, flexible suite of investment attraction, FDI and economic development training courses and seminars.

We train you to develop targeted prospect lists based on their fit and their likelihood to expand in your region.

We help you create clear and systematic frameworks for approaching foreign multinationals and teach you how to navigate the impact of different cultural values.

We offer tools to improve communication and strategic intelligence gathering.

Contact us to learn more about our Corporate Investment Prospector Certification Program.

Type of Programs

Examples of Course Curriculum

Investment Prospecting: Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

Principles and follow-up practices of investment prospecting

Best practices in FDI lead generation

Best practices in FDI lead nurturing

Fundamentals of Place Marketing

Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E)

Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

As an extension of your team, we offer you a direct path to exceeding your department’s objectives! Get in touch today!