Big brands and local businesses are banding together now and helping the world. Here are companies and industries that have found a way to help out and make a difference in a time of need.

1. Breweries are making hand sanitizers and giving it away for free! 

We have another reason to love beer even more now. The world is running out of hand sanitizers and our beloved breweries just stepped up to the plate to help! Here’s a shout out to our Canadian Brand, Labbat for participating in this global movement to help us keep our hands clean. And a huge shout to our local micro brewery from Quebec Pit Caribou that will be also pitching in.

As part of the Canadian Disaster Relief Program, Labatt Breweries across the country have shifted from producing beer to producing hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Labatte is anticipating the production of 50,000 bottles, which will be donated to support Food Banks Canada, front line workers and partners in the restaurant and bar industry who are playing a critical role in serving take-out meals during this difficult time.

2. Fashion brands are making facemasks

Instead of making undies, Hanes will be making 1.5m masks a week. Louis Vuitton announced that it would obtain 40 million medical-grade face masks from a Chinese industrial supplier to distribute to French health authorities. Prada is producing a run of 80,000 overalls and 110,000 face masks at one of its factories for Italian medical personnel. And the list goes on and on of fashion brands helping out.

3. Car companies are making medical supplies

Tesla acquired 1,200+ ventilators from China to help alleviate coronavirus shortage. Now all the 3 giants, Ford, Telsa, and GM announced that they will be working to produce medical equipment and protective gear for healthcare workers in an attempt to address the shortages.

All these efforts by mega brands and local companies being innovative and using their resources to help during a time of need makes us feel positive about the future! Now, we want to hear about local businesses in your regions making a difference. Please share your stories with us and we will share them with our community.